One Week til Mother’s Day!

You guys, Mother’s Day is this weekend. THIS WEEKEND. I have two problems with this: 1: HOW did this sneak up on me? and 2: HOW are we already almost halfway through May? I was literally JUST buying Christmas presents!! So, I’m here today to give a few tips to everyone (including myself) on how …

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Emergency Preparedness

We live in the South and around this time of year, early spring, we start seeing more severe weather. When weather gets warmer, we enter into the dreaded tornado season. Being ready beforehand for these types of situations can help alleviate anxiety of not being fully prepared to take care of your family when the …

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Are you getting enough sleep?

One of our priorities as parents is to make sure our children are getting enough sleep. Trying to keep a decent bed time for them each night nights is a MUST. As parents, we see the importance of sleep for our children. Why are we not trying to keep those “rules” for ourselves? We know …

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How to Meal Prep

If you are like me, you might have made a resolution for weight loss at the beginning of the year. We all like to start things fresh and call it a new beginning. I think it helps hold us more accountable than starting in the middle of a week or month. Sometimes, my family eat …

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How to Create Good Habits

I’m sure you’ve all heard it before – 21 Days to a Better You. Apparently, that’s the length of time it takes to truly form a habit.  Good habits produce fruit and we’re all about that, right? What about when it gets hard? When your goal seems too far to reach? A good friend/mentor of …

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How To Follow Your Dreams

WE SOMETIMES TEND to think that following the crowd or doing the “norm” is the way to success; however you define success. This includes getting that college degree that everyone’s warned you NOT to get (me and my psychology loving self *eye roll*) and crawling/limping up the corporate ladder towards a job that you wouldn’t …

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