Emergency Preparedness

We live in the South and around this time of year, early spring, we start seeing more severe weather. When weather gets warmer, we enter into the dreaded tornado season. Being ready beforehand for these types of situations can help alleviate anxiety of not being fully prepared to take care of your family when the time comes.

In April of 2011, we had severe weather that developed into multiple tornadoes that hit our state. That day, Alabama was bombarded by a total of 62 tornadoes! 62! According to an article on AL.com, Alabama’s average number of tornadoes for an entire year is 65, and we experienced 62 in one day. From top to bottom, almost the entire state was impacted and 253 people lost their lives.

The storms started early that morning – some even before people woke up to start their day. There was plenty of warning the day before, so some were already prepared for what would be a horrific day in the history of Alabama.

Here are some tips of things you can have ready for those times of need:

Batteries and Generators: Okay, so this is probably the number one thing you will be told to get. Flashlights, people! We also kept a generator for a fan. We lost power for 4 days, so having a fan for the warm afternoons in April was so nice. We take so much for granted sometimes!

Water: We used so much water. Our water tower was actually struck by lightning and caused our water to be extremely low for a day. Having that on hand helped us with even little things like washing our faces and brushing our teeth. We also used it for cooking.

Non-Perishable food: We had canned foods and things like bread and peanut butter on hand. We had a cooler and kept as many things cold as possible. When you don’t have that option, having food items that don’t need to be cooked or kept cold can really come in handy.

First Aid Kit: We were so blessed to not have damage during this disaster, but some did, so having a first aid kit is a must. Having peroxide and bandages will handle most of the smaller matters.

Have Cash on Hand: I know that’s a weird one, but it was so helpful. My sister actually suggested this. We had one person running errands in the neighborhood, like going to grab ice or gas for generators. Being able to hand the cash over to pay for things was helpful. There were also a few stores with no power that were still able to accept cash for items.  

Have a plan in place before the next storm rolls in. Let your kids know the drill so if they are ever at home alone without you, they know what to do.

Keep a helmet for the kids and blankets and pillows in a central location so you can grab them without delay. Include the entire family in the prep conversations to keep them informed for those times when the sirens go off.

Whether it be a kit or just a plan in place, being prepared for a natural disaster should be a priority in your home. Stay Safe!

Susan Ingram, OWL Blogger


Hello! I'm the owner and one of the professional home organizer at Organizer With Lia LLC. Organizing and writing are what excites me and what I love to do for others. It’s my way of giving back that gives me something greater in return.

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