What You Need to Know About COVID-19


(I am not a physician, so please consult your doctor regarding any information you read about COVID-19. See CDC information sheet below the blog.)

In the wake of the Coronavirus scare, let’s discuss a few simple things we can put into place to make sure we are protected both mentally and physically:

Number 1 – DO NOT BE AFRAID! If you’re a believer, remember, “He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Contagions can keep us in a place of fear and worry, but we are called out of those feelings by a loving Father. Put your trust in Him and ask for peace that transcends understanding. (Bonus point – worship changes your mood and perspective. 😊)

Number 2 – The Coronavirus is not as bad as it’s been made to believe. The percentage of people completely healing from this virus is very high. The elderly and those with compromised immune systems (both young and old) are susceptible to ANY sickness. These are the ones heavily affected. In saying this, since the highly contagious virus can travel quickly from person to person, social distancing is an intelligent response.

Number 3 – In order to keep yourself free of sickness (as much as humanly possible), wash your hands regularly, eat a balanced diet, be sure to get plenty of Vitamin C, and take your daily elderberry syrup (or gummies), exercise and feed your brain with positivity. It’s incredible how our thoughts can change how we feel physically.

Number 4 – Remind others of the things you know to be true, both about the reality of this virus and our position as believers in Christ.

Number 5 – If social media is causing more anxiety than it’s worth, take a break! There is no harm in removing yourself for weeks at a time to gain better understanding and control of your mindset.

Remember, this too shall pass.


Lia Brady


Hello! I'm the owner and one of the professional home organizer at Organizer With Lia LLC. Organizing and writing are what excites me and what I love to do for others. It’s my way of giving back that gives me something greater in return.

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Lia Brady

Professional Organizer

Hello! I’m the owner and one of the professional home organizers at Organize With Lia LLC serving Birmingham, Huntsville, AL


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