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One Week til Mother’s Day!

You guys, Mother’s Day is this weekend. THIS WEEKEND. I have two problems with this: 1: HOW did this sneak up on me? and 2: HOW are we already almost halfway through May? I was literally JUST buying Christmas presents!!

So, I’m here today to give a few tips to everyone (including myself) on how to prep for holidays and make sure you’re not spending the week-of buying last minute gifts or planning last minute get togethers (also not dealing with last minute stress).

1: Get a day planner, and actually use it. I know, this is extremely obvious, but if you’re anything like me, you buy a day planner when they’re 50% off at Hobby Lobby at the beginning of the year and fill it out for a couple of months then stop. BREAK THAT HABIT NOW. It is the key to making sure you plan weeks out AHEAD of time, and you’ll be aware of when holidays are – so you can prep a month or two before. Which leads us to our next tip…

2: Plan everything at least a month in advance. This is very important to me. I really dislike last minute invites to get togethers because I typically already have plans for a different occasion. Then people get their feelings hurt because we’re not coming and it’s just not great. BUT, if they’d planned it a month before, then I would have been able to say yes to their invitation. Also, if you plan on getting gifts for this occasion, you have a whole month to save up and get what you really want to buy your loved one instead of a last minute “I had to get this because I forgot” gift. The BEST gifts are always the ones that someone puts a lot of thought into.  This also gives you time to order any kind of food or dessert you’d like to have, and will avoid you paying a last minute fee. And, of course, take away SO much stress.

3. Start getting ready for the party the week before.  What I mean is this – it’s time to buy things such as decor, snacks, gift bags, and anything else you may need for the get together that doesn’t need to be ordered beforehand.  By starting the week before, you should only have to get a few things, and this will allow you to set aside some time to run to the store without feeling like you’re in a rush. Schedule times to pick up all of your orders, wrap a gift, and decorate.  This will eliminate any stress the day of so you can enjoy your party and your loved ones to the fullest.

Well those are my tips!  I really hope this can help someone out by removing stress that comes along with planning a party and allow you to enjoy the events coming up over the next few months.  Have a fantastic week!!

Kelsee Painter, OWL Blogger

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