How To Follow Your Dreams

WE SOMETIMES TEND to think that following the crowd or doing the “norm” is the way to success; however you define success. This includes getting that college degree that everyone’s warned you NOT to get (me and my psychology loving self *eye roll*) and crawling/limping up the corporate ladder towards a job that you wouldn’t even enjoy if you had it.

We chase promotions, put on a face that gets the most likes or imitate the guy that’s found his way to the “top” and all the while forget about the very passion that we were born with. The one that we were CREATED to explore.

July of last year, I was full time at a community college taking online classes, working my regular 8-5 corporate job (new job, might I add, so the pressure was really on) and trying to manage my home, marriage, and newborn. I was trying to give 100% in every area, which is humanly impossible, so I broke down. And I mean REAALLLY broke down. Something had to give.

Inevitably, I had a ‘come to Jesus’ with my Maker. He plainly showed me that I was trying to drive my car in every lane that was visible and it was causing chaos in my mind and my life. My finances were out of control, family life was a mess and I could not form a thought without my chest feeling like it was going to collapse.

Many months and some loving friends later, I regained what I thought I’d lost; my sanity. In all of that, I learned to slow down and choose the things worth going after. The ones that really make your heart sing.

So finally, I jumped. Out of the boat and into my dreams. I stopped comparing myself to my colleagues, because let’s be honest, they were chasing something that I wasn’t even interested in. It was more about the competition and how I wanted to be seem rather than being true to myself.  I decided to graduate from the community college (since I only had one semester left) and not transfer to a university to go after that Master’s degree that would’ve looked so good on paper.

And finally, I started my own business.

Let me tell you, I’ve never felt more at peace in my life than I do now.

God’s got a way of honoring your desires if you’re just brave enough to go after them.

Are you ready to go after yours?

Jeremiah 29:11 | “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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For many years Susan has been the go-to organizer and stager for her friends and family. Having a long-time passion and naturally inclined skill set for making spaces purposeful, she decided to pursue a career in the industry. She has an endearing and meaningful memory of decorating her bedroom as a child. This included transforming bar stools into multi-story Barbie Doll townhouses. In her past lives, Susan was a Restaurateur, Executive Sales Manager, and a Cosmeceutical Sales Rep. When asked about her biggest accomplishment, she’ll gush about her gratitude for the blessing of having raised a good and decent human being. Her son is currently a grad student at the University of Florida’s MBA program.

Susan resides in Birmingham with her husband of twenty-six years and their pack of fur babies. This includes four cats and a “little” 110 lb. dog. Her lifelong platform is animal rescue and advocation.

“No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat others ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.”

Meet Miranda! The one that keeps our wheels turning and always answers the phone with a smile on her face.

She loves fishing, family, and all things nerd – which is 1000% why we love her so much!

Miranda lives in Odenville with her husband, precious baby boy, and a sassy cat.