Moving Guide for Seniors

Moving is a big step at any stage in life, even more so for seniors who have accumulated memories in their home over the years. These memories are connected with their possessions and can sometimes be difficult to part with.

On a positive note, moving to a smaller place will save them money and spare them the headache of maintaining a larger home.

If you’re ready to take that step, either as a child of a senior or the one who’s wanting to move, take a look at the list below to get your ducks in order.

  • Decide when you want to move, downsize, and get rid of the clutter! The truth is, none of us are not getting any younger, and the longer you wait to downsize, get a little organized, and move, the greater the odds are that it won’t be done our way. So, make the decision and do it while you’re physically able.
  • Sort through the accumulated belongings. This is one of the most difficult parts of moving and downsizing. There might not be heavy lifting, but most belongings are attached to memories – like the stuffed animal you won for a granddaughter who is now in college or the lucky neckties you’ve collected over the years for being the salesperson of the month. These hold great memories of your life and your loved ones, but you can’t haul them all to the two-bedroom condo unit overlooking the beach. If you know you can’t do the sorting on your own, hire a professional organizer.
  • Pack the remaining things you want to bring. After sorting and giving away or selling items you can’t keep, you need to pack and secure the ones you need for your next home. Organizing and packing for your move may not be something you want to deal with or have no aptitude for it. Luckily, some professional organizers are capable and experienced with moving for seniors. They’ll organize and pack the items carefully, so you won’t miss or lose anything needed in your new home. OWL Professional Organizers specialize in move-in/move-out services, so if you’re ready to get started, go ahead and reach out to set up a consultation.
  • Get ahead with moving day by planning.  Determine the things you are bringing personally and the ones you can delegate to movers. Your safety as a senior is a priority. You don’t want to spend your first night or week in the new home with a sprained or broken ankle or wrist.

Moving is a big step. Take that leap and take advantage of the people who can help you, from the start to the time you prop your feet up in your new home.

Happy moving!


Hello! I'm the owner and one of the professional home organizer at Organizer With Lia LLC. Organizing and writing are what excites me and what I love to do for others. It’s my way of giving back that gives me something greater in return.

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