Tips for Storing Christmas Décor

Believe it or not but the holiday season is quickly coming to an end. In just a few weeks, Christmas will be over and we’ll be left with the dreaded task of putting all of the decorations away for the year. One of the biggest things that has made this process less dreadful for me is putting out less decorations to begin with. I try to keep it very simple and minimal these days, knowing that I want the process of putting things away to be simple as well.

In today’s post, I wanted to share some tips on how to store your Christmas décor and more specifically how to store it without buying a ton of things. At the end of the day, it’s all about putting your decorations away safely and in a way that makes it easier to decorate the next year.

Keep Original Packaging

There are so many great organizers out there that you can buy to store your Christmas tree and ornaments but they can be expensive and truthfully, they really aren’t necessary. If you just keep the packaging for the items you buy, you can use those to store the decorations away. For example, use the box your Christmas tree came in to store the tree. Use the boxes and plastic inserts your ornaments come in to store them back away. If you aren’t wanting to buy fancy organizers, this is definitely the way to go!

Zip-Lock Bags

I like to use the big gallon sized zip-lock bags to store my big ornaments. I didn’t want to the keep the boxes they came in and I didn’t want to purchase the ornament organizers so I thought this would be a great idea and it has really been so nice storing them this way. I also like to use small zip-lock bags to store ornament hooks and any other small items.

Packaging Paper

I always keep packaging paper on hand because it can come in handy for many different uses. I like to wrap up sentimental or fragile items in this paper before storing them away just to make sure nothing cracks or breaks.

If you don’t want to buy packaging paper, another thing you could do is use your Christmas linens to wrap fragile items such as table clothes, napkins, blankets, etc.

Plastic Bins

A few years ago, I finally decided to invest in the large plastic bins to store away my Christmas decorations and they have worked out really well! I purchased the ones with the red lids just to make it even more obvious to myself that it contained my Christmas decorations. These bins are very versatile and durable so I feel like they will be used for a really long time.

Prepare Items for Next Year

I always like to clean my decorations before I pack them away, so they are fresh for the next year. This includes washing any glass items, getting all blankets washed, getting all linens nicely ironed and just wiping down any decorations that can be wiped down. I like knowing that when I take out my decorations in November I am working with all clean and fresh decorations and can just enjoy it all for the season ahead.

And those are just some of the tips I wanted to share for storing away your Christmas decorations this year! I thought this was the perfect time to share as in just a few weeks we will all be putting away those beautiful decorations.

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips to share with everyone. We always love hearing from you and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Hello! I'm the owner and one of the professional home organizer at Organizer With Lia LLC. Organizing and writing are what excites me and what I love to do for others. It’s my way of giving back that gives me something greater in return.

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Hello! I’m the owner and one of the professional home organizers at Organize With Lia LLC serving Birmingham, Huntsville, AL


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