A Housekeeper’s Guide to Keeping Their Clients Organized

From carrying out various cleaning activities like sweeping, mopping, and polishing, ensuring that all

rooms are inspected with items put in their right places, your job as a housekeeper can be very tasking.

Nevertheless, as a housekeeper, you most likely know that your job does not end with creating a clean

and arranged environment for your clients. You are also often laden with the responsibility of putting

systems in place to help your clients maintain their environment and stay organized even after you’ve

left. Doing this will help your clients live a better and more organized life and make your job easier

when you come back for major housekeeping duties.

Here are a few ways to keep your clients organized when you are away….


A large fraction of your clients consist of people who hate to do chores or extremely busy people who

don’t have time to do housekeeping duties. Whatever category they fall under, you need to understand that

doing chores is not their forte. Instead of giving them a long list of chores, you can break them into mini

daily chores. Tasks like taking their dirty plates to the sink, placing their dirty clothes in a hamper or

laundry basket, disposing of irrelevant paper documents into the trash, etc. are good examples. These

are small tasks that your clients wouldn’t mind doing because they don’t look like chores. These

seemingly small tasks will help your clients gradually build a habit of organization and keep their

immediate environment in order.


You can help your clients stay organized by arranging storage items to accommodate their lifestyles. For

example, if your client typically undresses in their room, it would be wise to place a hamper not too far

from their bed instead of their laundry room. This way, it becomes easier for them to throw their clothes

in the hamper instead of on the floor. Similarly, if your client is fond of eating late-night snacks in their

room, you may want to consider putting a bin not too far from their bed.


Accept that everywhere in your client’s home can’t be organized every time. Sometimes, a little bit of

clutter is allowed. You can give your clients areas they can be a bit messy with, like their junk drawers,

home offices, or even closets. Let them have a semblance of their daily routine without having to

change overnight. As long as they know where everything they need is, a little mess isn’t bad.

While you incorporate these tips, remember that your clients may not adjust to them immediately, so you

have to be patient. Walk with them and make tweaks where necessary. You can also come up with other

creative tips to keep your clients organized.

Got some ideas? Share them with us in the comment section below.


Hello! I'm the owner and one of the professional home organizer at Organizer With Lia LLC. Organizing and writing are what excites me and what I love to do for others. It’s my way of giving back that gives me something greater in return.

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Lia Brady

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Hello! I’m the owner and one of the professional home organizers at Organize With Lia LLC serving Birmingham, Huntsville, AL


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