Function Over Fashion

Let’s be completely authentic for just a second and talk about real life stuff – function over fashion.

Here’s a story that will probably sound a lot like one of your own and the remedy that we’ve all been looking for.

A good friend of mine recently shared a light-hearted drama about his family’s notorious cabinet situation. Their coffee maker that’s used every morning is on the counter. A few cabinets down and several steps away live the coffee cups. It drives him bonkers! His sweet and well-meaning wife was adamant about the placement of the cups and how it made the kitchen more aesthetically pleasing. She didn’t mind the lack of functionality. I must mention that she is a stay-at-home grandmother and doesn’t have to rush in the mornings to make it to the office on time. You can imagine how this could create an early morning fluster.

I get it – from the coffee cups to the mounds of unopened mail. And for several years, I have made it my mission to really understand the value of a functional environment; whether that’s at your home or at work.

At OWL, our motto is function over fashion. We understand that little humans are as unpredictable as schedules and small changes throughout the day are the difference between peace and irritation. When your home is spotless, perfect and nothing is in reach, getting ready or even cooking dinner can be a little frustrating.

We want to transform your living space or office and create a system that works well for every person or family we encounter.

Are you ready to make life easier? Schedule the consultation that is going to change the trajectory of your life – one space at a time.


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For many years Susan has been the go-to organizer and stager for her friends and family. Having a long-time passion and naturally inclined skill set for making spaces purposeful, she decided to pursue a career in the industry. She has an endearing and meaningful memory of decorating her bedroom as a child. This included transforming bar stools into multi-story Barbie Doll townhouses. In her past lives, Susan was a Restaurateur, Executive Sales Manager, and a Cosmeceutical Sales Rep. When asked about her biggest accomplishment, she’ll gush about her gratitude for the blessing of having raised a good and decent human being. Her son is currently a grad student at the University of Florida’s MBA program.

Susan resides in Birmingham with her husband of twenty-six years and their pack of fur babies. This includes four cats and a “little” 110 lb. dog. Her lifelong platform is animal rescue and advocation.

“No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat others ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.”

Meet Miranda! The one that keeps our wheels turning and always answers the phone with a smile on her face.

She loves fishing, family, and all things nerd – which is 1000% why we love her so much!

Miranda lives in Odenville with her husband, precious baby boy, and a sassy cat.