Professional Organizer
Birmingham, AL

At OWL, we choose function over fashion.

Organize With Lia, LLC is one of the leading licensed and insured professional organizer companies in the greater Birmingham area. With our team of owner/professional organizers, Lia Brady, and two other pro organizers, we are ready to take on any need you may have in the area of organization.

We specialize in: residential and commercial organization, papermanagement, time management, move-in/move-out services, Do-It-Yourself plans, and virtual organizing.



Function Over Fashion

Let’s be completely authentic for just a second and talk about real life stuff – function over fashion. Here’s a story that will probably sound a lot like one of your own and the remedy that we’ve all been looking for. A good friend of mine recently shared a light-hearted

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5 Ways to Organize Your Small Business

Having an organized home is great. It reduces stress and helps you function much easier…but what about your small business? Are papers overflowing from shelves and process management lost somewhere in the mix? Let me help! Here are five ways to organize your home office or small business that will

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