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Birmingham, AL

At OWL, we choose function over fashion.

Organize With Lia, LLC is one of the leading licensed and insured professional organizer companies in the greater Birmingham area. With our team of owner/professional organizers, Lia Brady, and four other pro organizers, we are ready to take on any need you may have in the area of organization.

We specialize in residential and commercial organization, including (but, not limited to) – closet organizing, kitchen organizing, bedroom/playroom organizing, home office organizing, garage organizing, photo organizing, computer files and email management,  paper management, time management, move-in/move-out services, Do-It-Yourself plans, and virtual organizing.



Decluttering for Lent

In our home, we celebrate the Lent Season before Easter. I was raised celebrating Lent and have carried on the wonderful tradition with my children. As a family, we always choose one thing to give up and one thing to add to our daily routine. We usually choose extra prayers

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Cleaning Therapy

Can cleaning be a form of therapy? Crazy question right? I know that when you have so much to do, and you come home after a busy day at the office, the last thing you want to do is clean. It feels like it’s just something to add to the

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Are you getting enough sleep?

One of our priorities as parents is to make sure our children are getting enough sleep. Trying to keep a decent bed time for them each night nights is a MUST. As parents, we see the importance of sleep for our children. Why are we not trying to keep those

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