Professional Organizer Tool Kit

Professional Organizer Tool Kit

Being new to Professional Organizing and dying to know how everything should work, of course I scoured every website and YouTube video trying to find the perfect tool kit for my new over-sized bag. At first thought, you wouldn’t imagine you’d be adding screw anchors or a hammer to your shopping list, but there is a lot more to this amazing job than you’d originally think.

We’re essentially responsible, and completely in love with, hanging shelves, photos, mirrors and anything else that makes life easier and more organized. If you’re new to the business, grab a sheet of paper and write this list down (or just copy and paste since this is a digital world) and get to shopping!

Along the way, there will be other items that I deem absolutely necessary, and will probably blog about, but for now, here’s the list:


  • Over-sized bag
  • Notebook for client notes
  • Highlighters
  • Metallic markers
  • Pens
  • Sharpies, Sharpies and MORE Sharpies
  • Writing utensil pouch (a PO should have an organized bag, right?)
  • Pepper Spray – you never know who you’re going to run into and not all of us are trained in Judo.
  • Jacket, in case you get cold at a client’s house
  • Sticky notes, full adhesive is the best, but I warn you these are hard to find in stores!
  • Batteries – to start off, I got AA and AAA
  • Plastic Organizing box (which, I got a larger box and put other items in as well, which I’ll mention down in the list)
  • Band-Aids
  • Rubber bands (a rubber band ball is easier to carry around and way more fun!)
  • Paper and binder clips
  • Twist ties, like the ones that come in the garbage bag boxes
  • Zip ties, of all sized
  • Icy Hot (there will be lots of bending and picking up large items)
  • Labeler with extra tape
  • Rubber gloves
  • Furniture pads (you don’t want to damage anyone’s hardwood, yikes!)
  • Hooks (COMMAND, duh)
  • Level
  • Rotary Cutters (which for now, I’m sticking with good old fashioned scissors and a box cutter, but these would make life easier when cutting cabinet liners)
  • Scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Electric screwdriver set
  • Screw anchors with screws
  • Tape measure
  • Baggies, different sized
  • Trash bags, different sized
  • Laundry baskets (at least 4 for separating items)
  • Laminator (Obviously, this and the sheets wouldn’t go in your bad, but it’s great to have for documents and kids art work!)
  • Laminating sheets
  • File folders (to organize files for customers)
  • Clip board
  • File folders for file cabinet (to keep client records in)


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